About Entwined Studio


Hi. I’m Angie. I am a fun loving, creative, empathetic, photographer and business woman and I LOVE what I do. I am a mom, a huge book nerd, indie film buff, Netflix connoisseur, and coffee fiend. I hate having my photo taken but love being behind the camera. Entwined Studio was created with my husband Matt ten years ago, back when we were just dating but knew we would marry. After producing indie movies, commercials and tv shows in NYC I started to notice that what I really loved doing was setting up shots with the director and creating beautiful frames. And so, when I fell in love with Matt and realized I wanted to step out of producing so I could have a shot at a less insane life, he held my hand and together we created Entwined Studio which quickly grew into a successful business and the start of a very happy life together. Seven years ago we had the cutest baby who is now the cutest kid and as of late 2016 Matt took a step back from shooting with me so he could be home hanging with our son.