About Entwined Studio


Hi. I’m Angie. I hate having my photo taken but love being behind the camera. This very much informs the way I capture images and people- I am empathetic and always looking for your beauty in the moment.  If you read reviews about the way I shoot weddings you will see a recurring theme- that I am a calming presence, that I am kind, and that I take killer photos that make you see yourself in a whole new light.

Entwined Studio was created with my husband Matt ten years ago as a total labor of love.  After producing indie movies, commercials and tv shows in NYC  I realized that what I really loved doing was setting up shots and creating beautiful frames to tell stories.  And so, when I fell in love with Matt and realized I wanted to step out of producing so I could have a shot at a less insane life, he held my hand and together we created Entwined Studio. Entwined quickly grew into a successful business and the start of a very happy life together. Seven years ago we had the cutest baby who is now the cutest kid and as of late 2016 Matt took a step back from shooting with me so he could be home hanging with our son while I shoot. Matt is still in the game and is the very best back up anyone could hope for.

I love capturing the beauty of my couples and am lucky to call so many of my past clients friends. Shooting your wedding is more than just taking pictures on the day, it's connection, and it's one of the things I love most. So let's connect soon.